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  1. What is Therminer

Therminer is the solution against waste
energy. Its technology combines the most advanced cooling systems to
computer servers, with the unique ability to recover dissipated heat,
ready to be reused.


  1. What is
    Therminer Home Pod?

Therminer Home Pod is a computational boiler that
runs on electricity and powers computer servers that work
as resistors that produce heat. It is compact, easy to install and
adapts to your heating system, doubling its reliability and reducing its


  1. Who is Therminer for ?

Therminer offers advantages in more than one sector.

It is the perfect solution for all those who want
eliminate heating and hot water consumption at the individual level, or
heat consumption in companies such as heated swimming pools, hotels or
gyms. But it is also an ideal solution for those who need
host your servers remotely, reducing your operating costs and
maintenance, in addition to doing it in a sustainable way.


  1. How Therminer’s computional boilers work ?

Los servidores que contienen nuestra caldera
computacional producen calor que recuperamos y aprovechamos para generar agua
caliente para calefaccion y agua caliente sanitaria. Aprovechando la energía
eléctrica por partida doble, generando agua caliente y obteniendo beneficios
económicos por el trabajo de sus servidores.

  1. Why am I gonna stop paying for heating my home?

Thanks to our boilers we produce heat with energy
electricity will continue to be profitable. You will replace your system consumption
conventional gas such as gas due to electrical consumption that generates
so you save from the first moment. Forget about going back to the boilers
gas and begins to be more sustainable and independent of the energy market.

  1. Why are solar panels installed?

The fusion of our computational boiler and plates
photovoltaic solar expands the value proposition and improves efficiency
energy. It is about using photovoltaic solar energy to power
the computational boiler with renewable energy, replacing your boilers
fossil energies for sustainable heat consumption.

  1. How does photovoltaic + boiler integration work?

Solar panels produce renewable energy that,
They feed your current electrical installation and the computational boiler, and therefore
This generates savings on electrical and thermal bills. The boiler,
integrated into photovoltaics, contributes to data processing that generates
profitability every day.


  1. What do I win with Therminer ?

With Therminer, you will see your energy bill reduced
thanks to using renewable electrical energy and replacing gas consumption,
diesel and other conventional sources, due to heat dissipated by the

Additionally, if you are looking for hosting services or already have
data centers and are looking to reduce your operating costs, while compensating
CO2 emissions, it is your solution. Reduce your cooling costs by 95%,
extend the useful life of your equipment and don’t worry about its maintenance and