Refrigeration in CPDs represents up to more than 45% of energy consumption

Reduce your TCO by up to 50% with the most advanced refrigeration, using the smartest heat

Therminer in numbers

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Therminer provides substantial advantages for

Data Centers

Safe and Secure

Divide the nodes of your network and diversify their power sources to achieve higher SLA (Service Level Agreement) levels.

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Applications that require real-time information with very low latencies can be better managed with Edge Computing.

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Generate carbon credits with the emissions saved from the heat of your servers and take the step towards Negative emissions Data Center.


Adaptable to the needs of the consumer/promoter

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Decarbonization of data centers and installation of cooling and energy efficiency technologies.

Subsidies for Data Processing Centers

Find out non-refundable aid for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

Main benefits

Cloud Edge Computing

By 2025, 70% of all data processed worldwide will be carried out through Cloud Edge networks.

Lower operating cost

The cost of data centers and networks are skyrocketing due to increased network traffic and computing workloads. With edge computing, computing functions can be transferred outside the core network, reducing bandwidth and saving money.

Fast scaling

Organizations often struggle to expand into strategic global markets, due to lack of infrastructure and regulatory barriers. Edge computing makes international expansion quick and easy by eliminating costly and time-consuming network buildouts.

Better security

Edge computing can also improve security by processing data locally. By doing so, you can reduce the amount of data you have to transfer back to the cloud and potentially avoid data exposure.

Increased application performance

To attract and keep customers, companies must ensure strong digital experiences. Edge computing reduces issues such as latency and jitter, improving application performance. This leads to happier customers, fewer complaints and higher profits.

Meet the Cloud Edge Computing system

Improve data collection, processing and storage

The liquid acts as a protector

Thanks to their great power to absorb heat, they extend the useful life of servers by more than 30%.

Without air conditioning

The center obtains a PUE < 1.03, which implies energy and cost savings of more than 95%.

Reduces failure rate

The system reduces the system failure rate by more than 60%, increasing system reliability and reducing latency.

Generación calorifica

El calor generado por los procesadores sustituye al consumo energético

Increased computing density

The great capacity of the liquid to absorb heat increases its mining power by 100%, with the increased profitability that this entails.

Heating and energy savings

All the heat absorbed by the liquid can be reused as a heat source for heating, hot water or industrial processes.

Heat generation

The heat generated by the processors replaces energy consumption.

1 in 3 servers will be deployed at the edge in the next 5 years

Edge computing is the future of IoT due to low latencies

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