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Use solar energy and reduce your heating and domestic hot water expenses by 70%​

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Use solar energy and reduce your heating and domestic hot water expenses by 70%

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There is no need to stress about traditional boilers' risks and enjoy an electric boiler's safety.


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Relax with renewables and save more than 2,000 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

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Use the electrical energy from solar panels and the heat generated by our e-boiler and start saving

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It's truly amazing how you can harness the energy produced by our one-of-a-kind e-boiler.


A través de nuestra red de partners, se instalan placas solares para cubrir el consumo eléctrico de los servidores.


El calor generado por los servidores sustituye el consumo de gas & gasoil para calefacción, agua caliente sanitaria y otros procesos de calor.


El trabajo del servidor, garantiza un acceso rápido y seguro a la información, así como la capacidad de procesarla de manera eficiente.


Nosotros lo hacemos funcionar de manera eficiente para proporcionarte la tranquilidad y seguridad que buscas.


Una única fuente de energía para cubrir todo, reduciendo consumos y costes innecesarios. Contribuye a un desarrollo sostenible de nuevas tecnologías.


Through our partner network, solar panels are installed to feed the servers consumption.​


The heat generated by the servers replaces gas & diesel consumptions for heating, domestic hot water and other heat processes.


The servers work guarantees fast and secure access to information, as well as the ability to process it efficiently.​


We make it work efficiently to provide you with the peace of mind and security you are looking for.


A single energy source to cover everything, reducing unnecessary consumption and costs. Contributes to the sustainable development of new technologies.

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Driving the future with sustainable thermal energy​

We enable data- and energy-intensive, next-generation heating and cooling systems through our highly efficient and sustainable e-boiler.

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Impulsando el futuro con calefacción sostenible

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El futuro de la informática: ecológica, abierta y eficiente

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Therminer is indeed an innovative solution to address energy waste. By utilizing advanced cooling systems for computer servers, the technology is able to recover dissipated heat, which can then be repurposed for other uses. The ability to reuse this heat not only reduces energy waste but also promotes sustainability.

Therminer Home Pod is our electrically powered e-boiler that contains computer servers that function as resistors that produce heat. It is compact, easy to install, and made plug-and-play to your heating system, doubling its reliability and reducing consumption.

Therminer offers advantages in more than one sector.

It is the perfect solution for all those who want to eliminate heating and hot water consumption at an individual level or heat consumption in companies such as heated swimming pools, hotels, or gyms.

But it is also an ideal solution for those who need to host their servers remotely, reducing their operation and maintenance costs and doing so sustainably.

The servers placed inside our e-boiler produce heat that we recover and use to generate hot water for heating and domestic hot water—taking advantage of electrical energy twice, generating hot water, and obtaining economic benefits from the work of its servers.

Thanks to our boilers, producing heat with electrical energy will continue to be profitable. You will replace your consumption of conventional systems, such as gas, with electrical consumption that generates performance to save from the first moment. Forget about returning to gas boilers and become more sustainable and independent of the energy market.

The combination of our computational boiler and solar panels increases the value for you and improves energy efficiency. It uses PV solar energy to power the computational boiler with renewable energy, replacing fossil energy boilers with sustainable heat consumption.

Solar panels produce renewable energy that feeds your current electrical installation and the computing boiler, generating savings on electrical and thermal bills. The boiler, integrated with the photovoltaic, contributes to data processing that creates daily profitability.

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