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Why Therminer ?

Who are we ?

We are a company that has brought the energy to another level transforming and recovering said energy in economic savings.

Different from the competition

Through us you can be unique in the market expanding your photovoltaic installations and installing our computational cauldron.

Engineering and Innovation

Our teams experts analyze each installation for get the most performance.



The fusion of our computational boiler and photovoltaic solar panels expands the value proposition and improves energy efficiency.


Exponential increase in sales in photovoltaic installations both in homes and industry.


With our digital marketing you will be part of all those actions and strategies advertising or commercial the online medium as well our traditional marketing. (CEO, SEM, social, banner).

Quality & Training

Continuous training in our computational kettle product and innovative technology.


We manage all financing photovoltaic and thermal, we take care of all expenses.

Experts in energy savings

Discover our smart heater

The servers contained in our computational boiler produce heat that we recover and use to generate hot water for heating and DHW.

Taking advantage of electrical energy twice, generate hot water and obtain economic benefits for the work of your servers. On the one hand, it generates economic income and on the other hand it generates heat.

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Data processing

Integration Photovoltaic + Boiler


This produces renewable energy that, connected to the electrical grid, feeds the computational boiler and generates savings on electrical and thermal bills.

Home-Pro boiler

Integrated with photovoltaics processes data that generates profitability every day.


A product that ensures both CO2 savings and monetary savings.

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We carry out a photovoltaic installation 

in conjunction with the installation of the computational boiler.

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We add value to your facilities with our products, complement your photovoltaic installation with our thermal installation.