Home Computing Boiler Installation

Generate your own heating and hot water and save on your electricity bill

More technology, less energy, low carbon emissions

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Heating consumption
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Recycled energy​
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Emissions reduction​

Heat or cool, process and save

How do we do it ?

Custom study

We carry out a feasibility and energy efficiency study of the home, always adjusting to your needs.

We manage the documentation

We are specialized in processing aid and subsidies. We accompany you throughout the process so that you receive the bonuses in the IBI and Personal Income Tax.

We are installers

We take care of both the photovoltaic installation and the computational boiler in addition to the legalization, procedures and permits.


We advise you without obligation

We look up for your financing options

Use the electrical energy from solar panels and the heat generated by our e-boiler and start saving

Subsidize now 60% of the entire installation

Discover the tax credits on your taxes and the aid for installation

Meet Therminer Home Pod

The power of harnessing the energy produced by the domestic computing boiler

Solar energy

Installation of solar panels depending on the needs of the home

Computational boiler

We connect the computing boiler to the heating and hot water circuit

No energy consumption

We eliminate consumption in heating and cooling


Get up to 60% reduction in your installation

Heat generation

The heat generated by the processors replaces your conventional boiler

Subsidize now 60% of the entire installation

Discover the tax credits on your taxes and the aid for installation

We adjust to your needs

Choose your plan

Invest plan

With the plan, invest, finance your installation or you can buy it directly and obtain all the benefits that the computational boiler generates with a payback in a very short time, profitable from the first moment.

Save plan

We invest in you.

The installation will not cost you anything, we will become your electricity and heat supplier so that you always pay below the market price with our offers.

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Driving the future with sustainable thermal energy​

We enable data- and energy-intensive, next-generation heating and cooling systems through our highly efficient and sustainable e-boiler.

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